Hiring an Electrician? 6 Factors to Keep in Mind

Posted on: 8 May 2018


If you have some electrical work that needs done around your house and you want to make sure that you keep everything safe, you are going to need to hire a professional electrician. Here are six factors to keep in mind as you look for an experienced electrician.

1. In-Person Quote

First, when you need electrical work done, it is best to get an in-person quote for the work. In-person quotes are generally offered as a free service to potential customers. Although you can get some pricing information over the phone, that information is basic and doesn't take into consideration the specific circumstances of your set-up.

2. Hourly Rates

There are different ways that electrical companies will charge you for their services. Some electrical companies will charge you an hourly rate for a job. That hourly rate includes parts and labor. Generally, they will let you know before they start the job the length of time that it will take to complete the job, so you will not be left guessing how much you will owe at the end of the visit. If the job takes longer than expected, this information should all be communicated to you.

3. Set Rate

Other electrical companies will charge you a set rate for a specific job. They have a pricing sheet that they use to determine the overall price for a job based on the time that it takes and the parts required for the job. The good thing about a set rate is that you know precisely what the job costs before you agree for work to start.

4. Parts Warranty

The parts that are used on your electrical job should come with a warranty from the manufacturer who made the parts. You should be provided with information about the manufacturer warranty.

5. Labor Warranty

The company that you hire to do the electrical work should also provide you with a warranty. This warranty should cover the labor behind the job that they did for you for a set period of time. If the work they did doesn't work or fails during that time, they will send someone out to fix the issue for free.

6. Payment at Completion of Job

For most jobs, you are expected to pay when the job is complete. Most companies accept multiple forms of payment, from cash to credit or debit cards. Policies on accepting personal checks vary greatly, so be sure to ask first.

For really large jobs, like rewiring an entire house, payment plans may be accessible to you. Be sure to ask about payment options before the job begins.

If you need an electrician to work on a job at your home, it is best to have their come out and give you a quote in person instead of over the phone. That is the most accurate way to get an estimate. Be sure to ask if they charge by the hour or a set rate per job. The job should come with a warranty for both the parts and labor. Be prepared to pay when the job is complete.

​Contact a local electrical company, such as Oak Electric, to ask about how they can help with your electrical problem.