How To Improve The Safety Of Your Home Exterior With Lighting

Posted on: 11 December 2017


Outdoor lighting can not only make your home exterior much more beautiful and functional, but also can make it safer. Your guests will be less likely to trip and fall, and the illumination will also reduce the number of places that intruders can hide. The best way to illuminate your home exterior is to work with a residential electrical contractor.

Examine Your Home Exterior

Walk around your home at night and look for areas where there may not be enough illumination. Rather than using a few very bright lights to flood your exterior, you can achieve better results by placing a larger number of lights in locations that can keep your exterior evenly illuminated throughout. This will also look more appealing.

Think Like A Burglar

Think about how a burglar would attempt to enter your home. Burglars rely on darkness to perform the work needed to break into a home. If you do not have a blindspot, the burglar is much less likely to choose your home to commit a crime. The front of your home is the least likely place that a criminal will be.

Illuminate With Floodlights

Your home may have a yard that is darker than most homes. For instance, you may have a home that borders the woods and you do not receive lighting from other homes or the streetlights. In this case, you should use floodlights to illuminate the area. 

Use Motion-Activated Lights

To save energy, one common option is to use a motion-activated light. This can also intimidate an intruder because he or she may believe that he or she has been discovered. Also, these lights are convenient for when walking your dog late at night since you will have an easier time seeing.

Create An Illuminated Path For Guests

Lights can keep your guests safe by guiding them with path lights. For example, it may not be clear which route your guests should take to reach your front door. Late at night, they may stumble over a rock. Avoid using fixtures that create a glare because this will create a less pleasant look.

Hire Professionals

If you already have exterior lights that are not LED, it is recommended that you hire a residential electrical contractor to have your exterior lights replaced with LEDs. They are much more efficient and will last longer than most other options. Professionals will also understand how much lighting you will need and where.

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