Kitchen Problems: Electrical Repair Options To Help Thanksgiving Go Smoothly

Posted on: 12 October 2017


Thanksgiving is a great time to gather the family over to enjoy a meal, share stories, and celebrate the holiday. While celebrating, you want to ensure everything goes smoothly and you do not run into any problems along the way. One of the issues you may be concerned about is the electrical performance of your home. Thanksgiving meal cooking can put a lot of strain on you electrical needs. Luckily, you can hire an electrician to complete various electrical repairs around the kitchen in preparation for the holiday. Not only will these repairs help on Thanksgiving Day, but they can make a difference for your daily cooking throughout the year.

Outlet Inspections

Having access to all the outlets in your kitchen is a crucial part of preparing for Thanksgiving. You may be using multiple outlets to help prepare a number of extra food options. This includes plugging in small appliances like a hand blender, extra griddle, or an extra coffee maker. During an outlet inspection, an electrician will test to ensure outlets are working correctly and do not have any issues like loose outlet plugs. If a problem does arise, the electrician can easily replace or repair the outlet to ensure it's in good working condition. Having all the outlets available will make it a lot easier to stay organized and prevent you from needing to shuffle between plugs.

Power Testing & Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Along with inspecting the outlets, an electrician has the ability to test them for power output in your kitchen. The worst thing you could do is overload your kitchen and cause a circuit breaker to jump. Through the power testing, an electrician can make sure the circuit breaker can handle all the extra power as needed. In some cases, one of your best options may be to upgrade the circuit breaker. This will help the breakers handle more amps. By increasing the load, it will be easier to use slow cookers, mixers, and even electric knives all at the same time. You can prepare the Thanksgiving feast as needed and without any delays. An electrician can upgrade the breakers along with the wiring that goes along with it.

Cooking Element Testing

If you have an electric stove or another electric cooking element, it's important to have the electrical connections tested to ensure the devices will work properly. No one wants to get served a raw and hard turkey on Thanksgiving due to a bad connection. A number of electric stoves use a four prong plug. These unique plugs offer a stable power source, but they are rarely examined or cleaned because the oven is shoved against them for years and years. By pulling an oven out, a professional has the ability to examine the plug, clean the outlet out, and ensure everything runs smoothly. Along with an oven, other cooking devices can use up a lot of power. This includes a microwave, toaster, or toaster oven. Testing all the elements to ensure the electrical load is correct will help ensure the cooking for the evening goes as smoothly as possible.

Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans

When it comes time to serving Thanksgiving dinner in your kitchen and dining room, it's important to have plenty of light. Light sockets and electrical connections can be inspected and repaired as needed. If you have a light which doesn't work properly or a flickering issue, then an electrician can help with the wiring or items. It's also important to ensure the ceiling fan is working correctly. Ceiling fans are used to help disperse smoke from the meal, keep the room cool, and help provide a comfortable environment for family and guests. Fixing any ceiling fan issues ahead of time will really help with the whole Thanksgiving experience.

An electrician can complete a full inspection of your home in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. This can make a huge difference on how the prep and cooking goes for you.