When To Call An Electrician To Repair Your Electrical Outlets

Posted on: 10 October 2017


You rely on the electrical outlets in your home to provide lights, keep your refrigerator running, and provide you with entertainment through your computer and television. You probably take your outlets for granted and expect they'll always work properly. However, over time, outlets can wear out due to age or other problems. Here are some signs you need to call an electrician to have your outlets replaced or repaired:

The Cords Keep Falling Out

A plug should fit snugly into an outlet so the weight of the cord can't pull it out. The connection has to be secure so proper contact is made with the prongs and wires. Also, if the plug is falling from the socket, electricity can arc between the prongs and pose a fire hazard. Old outlets that get constant use of plugging things in and out could eventually lose their ability to hold a plug snugly. When that happens, you should have the outlets replaced.

The Outlet Is Cracked Or Damaged

You shouldn't use an outlet that is damaged. Outlets made from plastic can crack when you shove heavy furniture against them. You might also notice charring on an outlet from a spark or flame caused by a mishap or faulty wiring. When you see damage or discoloration on an outlet, don't use it. Call an electrician right away in the case of char marks to make sure the wiring to the outlet is not a fire hazard.

The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

If you trip a circuit every time you turn on something that is plugged into a particular outlet, that's a sign of a problem that needs the attention of an electrician. In some cases, turning on an appliance may overload the circuit. Other times, it could be a sign of faulty wiring that needs to be repaired before a fire breaks out. Before the circuit shuts off, the outlet may get warm or hot to the touch. If you notice outlets or plugs getting hot, you should stop using the outlet and the appliance until an electrician can identify the problem.

The Outlets Are Outdated

Older homes didn't have grounded outlets installed when they were built. If your home doesn't have outlets with three holes or outlets with GFCI protection in the kitchen and bathrooms, then you should hire an electrician to update them. Grounded outlets protect you from an electrical shock and they protect your electronic equipment from electrical damage.

Using faulty outlets or damaged outlets is a hazard for your home and family. You want your electrical appliances to be grounded and plugged into outlets that fit snugly and provide the proper connections to electrical wiring. Call an electrician for electrical outlet repairs when your outlets have problems so your home stays safe.