3 Tips For Decorating Your Home Using An Aviation Theme

Posted on: 4 October 2017


When most people are decorating their homes, the ideal of using reclaimed aircraft parts and pieces that were inspired by aviation might not occur to them. However, bringing in aircraft parts into the home's décor is an increasingly stylish way of creating a unique environment. If you are considering aviation-inspired decorating in your home, here are some tips to help achieve the look you want.

Install an Aviation LED Ceiling Fan

One of the most stylish touches you can add to your home's décor that will not overwhelm your other furnishings is an aviation LED ceiling fan. The ceiling fan is composed of the propeller and will fit perfectly in a large room. If you cannot find one that is composed of aircraft pieces, you can likely find one that is made of high quality materials and closely mimic the real thing.

For instance, a 60-inch aviation LED ceiling fan by Minka Aire features high quality wood and finishes. The contemporary fan can complement most styles, including a more traditional style. The movement of the fan is quiet, which allows you to install it in any room without fear of it disturbing the occupants. 

Hang Aviation Inspired Art

Although hanging aviation inspired art on the walls might seem a little too on the nose, it can be the perfect finish to your room. You do not have to go overboard with the pieces you hang. Regardless of the overall color scheme in a room, you can likely find aviation art that will complement it.

The art does not have to be nothing but pictures of airplanes either. You can keep with your theme and not feature an actual image of a plane. For instance, a picture taken from the interior of a plane out of a window with the clouds below would fit in with an aviation theme without being too obvious.

Be Adventurous

If you are truly committed to the idea of showing off your love for aviation, do not stop at the ceiling fan and art. Look for furniture that is composed of reclaimed aviation parts. There are several designers who are taking furniture making to the next level by finding creative ways for reusing airplane parts.

For instance, the wing of an airplane can be transformed into a desk. The engine of a plane can be used to create an interesting coffee table. You can even have a bed created using the cowling from a plane.