3 Things To Include In Your Hiring Post When Looking For An Electrical Contractor

Posted on: 2 October 2017


Whether you own a large-scale business or you have a basic project that will be a one-time thing, hiring an electrical contractor to help you out either temporarily or for the long term can be a challenge. What many looking for an electrician fail to recognize is they often make this process harder on themselves by not creating a listing that does what it should. Take a look at some of the specifics you should include when you create electrical contractor job postings in search of someone to help you out with your projects:

Include the specifics about the projects that will need attention. 

Electrical work is a little different than some other trades in that each individual may have different areas of expertise or training. You can find electrical contractors that specialize solely in wiring and wiring components. You will find some contractors that work with commercial and industrial electrical processes only. You can even find some electricians that are skilled in electrical engineering. Those interested in your electrical contractor job posting will need to know specifically why it is you need an electrical contractor so they can determine if they are indeed someone you need. 

Include specifics about what you are willing to pay. 

Just as with other types of trades, there are various skill levels, from those just coming out of trade schools to those experienced electrical contractors with many years under their belt. Because of this, different levels of electrical contractors will be willing to work for different levels of pay. Being vague about the rates you are willing to pay is no a logical way to bring the right electricians to the table. You should at least provide a ballpark figure of how much you are looking to spend for a particular project or about how much you intend to pay per hour. 

Include the exact location of the position. 

It is not uncommon for electrical contractors to take on more than one contracted job or part-time position with a company or employer concurrently to achieve a certain income level. The only way they can make this work is if the positions they obtain are within close enough proximity that commute will not be too long to handle. If you are vague about where the location of employment is, you are less likely to see a substantial list of qualified applicants who are interested in the position.