Ready For A More Energy-Efficient Home? 3 Easy Steps To Help You Use Less Electricity And Save Money

Posted on: 29 September 2017


With severe winter weather once again just around the corner, many homeowners are already dreading the uncomfortably high heating bills that are sure to come. If you are one of these worried homeowners, the following tips are sure to help you manage your home's energy use more effectively and succeed in lowering future heating and utility bills:

Find your home's problem areas

The first step to solving any problem is to first assess its scope. A good way for homeowners to assess the scope of their home's energy efficiency issues is to have a home energy audit performed. Home energy auditing can be done DIY-style, by using an infrared camera or can be professionally performed by a trained technician. In many areas of the country, utility companies provide free or low-cost home energy audits for their customers to help them make their homes more efficient.  

Take steps to stop air loss issues

Once you have determined where your home may be suffering from air loss issues, devote a weekend to sealing these areas. If the areas are small, a few cans of spray foam insulation from the hardware store or some cardboard and leftover pieces of batt insulation may be all you need to insulate these areas and cut down on the loss of expensive heated air this winter.

If, however, your home's insulation is old or compacted and no longer capable of doing its job, adding more insulation may be the best way to experience maximum savings on winter heating bills. 

Consider upgrading to boost efficiency 

In addition to sealing areas where heated air is leaking out of your home and making sure that there is adequate insulation, homeowners may also want to consider upgrading their heating appliances to boost energy efficiency and lower heating bills. Replacing aging electric furnaces with more fuel-efficient heat pumps is an excellent strategy to reap savings of as much as fifty percent over less efficient electric resistance heating appliances. 

When upgrading heating equipment, be sure to also consider upgrading the thermostat, as well. Programmable models, when set correctly, are an excellent way to drop save costly energy by reducing the need for heat during the hours when the family is asleep or away from the home. 

For additional questions about boosting energy efficiency in your home, discuss your situation with a reputable electrician in your area. They can offer you helpful advice for the safe, cost-effective use of electricity throughout your home, no matter how cold it gets outside.

Contact a home energy management company for more information and assistance.