Why Circuit Breakers Won't Stop Tripping

Posted on: 20 September 2017


Constantly dealing with circuit breakers tripping is something that you should not have to experience in your house. Circuit breakers are actually designed to trip if there is a risk for a fire starting from an electrical problem. You don't want to allow the breakers to continuously trip for too long without getting the problem inspected by an electrician. There could be a serious electrical problem in your house or a few simple electrical upgrades might need to be made. Browse this article to learn a few important things about tripping circuit breakers and ways to resolve the problem.

Wires Running Through Your House Are Damaged

One of the worst things that can cause circuit breakers to trip is bad wiring in a house because it means that your house has a big risk for catching on fire. If all of the breakers trip every now and then, it means that an electrical problem might be present in every room. You might have to hire an electrician to rewire the entire house in order to prevent a fire. If you find out that there is bad wiring in your house, it is not the kind of problem that should be pushed aside before repairs are made.

There Are Too Many Electronics Running

If there are a substantial number of electronics running at the same time in your house when the circuit breakers trip, you might need a sub-electrical panel. The electrical panel that is currently in place might not be sufficient enough for the demands of modern electronics. You can turn some of the electronics off and observe to see if the breakers stop tripping. If there is no tripping when only a few electronics are plugged in, simply get a sub-panel installed to start using more devices at the same time. The sub-panel can be installed next to the main one for your convenience.

Your Electrical Panel Is Not in Good Shape

There is the possibility that your electrical panel is in bad shape and causing the circuit breakers to trip. For example, there might be frayed wires in the panel that are attached to the circuit breakers. Depending on the severity of the damaged wires, they can likely be repaired. If the breakers and wires are in bad shape, it is in your best interest to replace the panel altogether. An electrician from companies like Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc can resolve the electrical problem in your house in a timely manner.