Four Types Of Damage Your Gate Opener Can Suffer

Posted on: 18 September 2017


Automatic gates can be a convenient option for allowing you to easily enter your property while enjoying the benefits of a fence. There are several threats that can lead to these gate openers encountering problems, and if you have one of these systems on your property, you will need to be mindful of the more routinely encountered problems so you can schedule gate repair.


Depending on the location of your gate opener and the surrounding terrain, it can be possible for large pools of standing water to accumulate around the unit. If this water is able to flood the gate opener, it can cause severe damage to the electrical components of the opener. When this occurs, you may need to have the entire gate opener replaced. As a result, it can be worthwhile to enhance the drainage around the gate opener to ensure that any excess rainwater can easily drain away from the sensitive components of the gate opener.

Pest Damage

Pests can be another common source of damage to a gate opener. These pests will attempt to get inside the gate opener to use it as shelter. Unfortunately, they can jam the moving components of the gate opener, and these pests could also chew on the wiring or other delicate components. Preemptively treating the gate opener housing with pesticides, and you will need to ensure that the trash cans or compost piles are kept far away from this housing as it will reduce the risk of pests damaging the gate.


Warping of the moving parts of the gate can be a problem that can lead to your gate be unable to open. Often, this warping will occur as a result of the unit being out of alignment or low on lubrication. You will be able to avoid this type of damage by having the unit serviced each year so that the mechanical parts can be aligned and the lubrication checked. Warping can be a problem that will rapidly get worse if it is not repaired, and you should have it serviced as soon as you notice it making strange sounds or having difficulties opening.


Unfortunately, you may accidentally damage your gate by hitting it with your car. When this damage occurs, your gate can become severely warped. In order to repair this type of damage, the warped or bent section of the gate will have to be replaced. You should avoid using the gate until you have this damage repaired as the damage could worsen and cause the gate to stop working.