Electrical Maintenance And Upgrades For Gaming Households

Posted on: 12 September 2017


Is your ideal home a gaming command center? Do you need your consoles, computers, televisions, and sound systems to have the best possible performance while staying in top condition? Cleaning out dust and organizing files are big parts of maintenance, but have you considered your home's electrical situation? Here are a few wiring repair, electrical maintenance, and power upgrade points to consider before loading up a bunch of new systems and games all at once. It could save you replacement costs and warranty time!

What Could Go Wrong With The Electrical System?

Modern gaming platforms such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or gaming computers running on the Intel Skylake (soon to be replaced by Ice Lake) or the AMD Ryzen processors are complex computers with a lot of ways to fail. If you read that and didn't consider the Xbox or PlayStation as computers, it's time to understand their similarities and risks.

Computers get their jobs done by performing a series of calculations, but they're almost constantly saving and loading information about their very being. The way your desktop files are arranged is a file itself, and everything that makes your computer launch programs (including games) and saves your game status is a set of files.

Gaming consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation simply mask a lot of what goes on in the background. You don't have to double click or type anything in most cases; your controller takes the place of the keyboard and mouse. In fact, the reason that so many operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and different types of Linux exist is that people want different levels of control or system design.

No matter what you see, the files can still be corrupted. Power loss is one of those big corruption dangers, because if you lose power in the middle of saving something important--whether it's a game save, a work or school document, or the personality of the computer itself--you could end up sending a bunch of 0's and 1's in weird places, effectively corrupting your gaming system in ways that are difficult--and potentially expensive--to repair.

How Can An Electrician Help?

The first step is to schedule a home electrician inspection. An electrician can check the outlets and wall wiring to figure out if major repairs are needed or not. 

In many cases, an electrician can drill a small hole and inspect portions of the wall in order to find damaged wiring, so tearing down the walls for an inspection usually isn't necessary. Wall tearing usually isn't necessary until real, major wiring replacement needs to be done.

Beyond major repairs, an electrician can install additional outlets to make game system connectivity easier. You won't be bound to existing electrical outlet positions, meaning that you can place your consoles, computers, screens, and audio devices in better spots. There are even ways to install overhead electrical connections for projectors and overhead audio installation.

Contact an electrician to discuss other ways to make your home better equipped for gaming dominance.