3 Possible Reasons Why Your Store's LED Strip Lights Are Not Working On Your Displays

Posted on: 12 September 2017


If you operate a store that uses LED strip lights to enhance your displays, you may have noticed that one or more of them are no longer shedding light on your products. If so, below are three possible reasons why your lights are not working.

Bulbs Are Damaged or Burnt Out

One possible reason why your LED strip lights are no longer lighting up is that the bulbs have become damaged or have burnt out. To check to see if this is the issue, turn off the lights and allow them the cool down in case you have to handle them.

Look at the light bulbs to see if there are any black or dark brown patches on their exterior. If they are present, they could have been caused by two things. First, someone may have touched the bulbs. Since LED lights are sensitive to oil and moisture, touching them could cause a burn out where the fingers came into contact with the bulbs.

Second, the lights may have been jarred, causing the bulbs to burn out. If the model of lighting strips allows for changing the bulbs, you can change them yourself following the manufacturer's guidelines. However, if you are unable to change them, contact a professional to see what can be done about them.

Wires Are Loose

Another possible reason your lights are not working is that the wires have become loose. Loose wires may particularly be the cause of the issue if the lights work intermittently. Since the wires will touch the converter and lights sporadically, you may see them flicker on and off throughout the day.

To check to see if the wires are loose, turn off the power to the lights. Then, look at both ends of each lighting strip as well as on their individual power converters to make sure the wires are tightly secured. If not, they will need to be tightened, if the connection post is not corroded.

However, if the connections are corroded or the wires are frayed, have an electrician inspect the lights to see if they can be cleaned or replaced.

After inspecting your store display's LED strip lighting, you still may not be able to find the cause of the issue. If so, contact an electrician to have them inspect your commercial LED lighting strips so they can find the problem and either repair the damage or replace the defective lighting fixtures.